Mianhae,i'm in love!

what i do now?

go crazy over You're Beautiful..


go crazy over You're Beautiful..

I'M OFFICIALLY ADDICTED TO YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL..positively, no cure for it..
instead of going gaga over revising subjects for exam, i'm impatiently waiting for the next episode of YAB to air..tskkk..when will WEDNESDAY come?

TRUTHFULLY, i never been so addicted to k-drama..i do love k-drama but not to the extent of checking forums, reviews or anything related to the so called drama..
which is what i'm doing with YAB..

ignore the fairytale concept of the poster..i actually like it!

What i like about YAB?

the band name is A.N.JELL with fangirls wearing angel wings around..

it's funny,witty, refreshing and awesome script and directing..(i heart Hong Sisters)
it don't drag and unexpected..
you will keep guessing about what will happened next but you will nowhere right..
and the actors are perfectly cast like the role were meant for them..

i'm in love with each and every single character in the drama..
i never like a bitch in k-drama..they are so annoying,manipulative and evil..
but YAB do wonders..i like HYH the fake fairy..she give justice to a biatch role..just the right dosage of bitchiness..and i couldn't believe that i find each interaction between she and Tae Kyung(TK) entertaining..I MIGHT BE BLINDED by my love to this drama that i love everything about it..

i even love the perverted gold digger auntie Mieja who only claim to be Go Mi Nam(GMN) aunt when she got famous..she's quite funny but i hate her when she's annoying..

i love Stylist Wang though she's so violent and not a good secret keeper..and the big bushy hair is win minus the clips she always wear..

i love President Ahn though his fashion sense is terrible and fashion police will definitely rank him first in their book..what's with the big scarf looking tie that he always wear..LOL..but i love how he is a good boss who cares about A.N.JELL..(though i don't really believe there's such entertainment company president existed in reality..)he is so random..suddenly bursting couple of english words..

i love Manager Ma..his wild imiginations and ideas are pricelesss..who else is better than him in thinking that they should apologized in sorry sorry manner literally?

the Fangirls is JJANG!!they are so supportive of the A.N.JELL member and by hook or crook, they always stand behind their fav idol..this how fangirls supposed to be..

i even drooling over Do Joon(GMN bestfriends) who only appear in one episode but still left a deep impression to me..who can resist the cute looking man who shyly confessed that he asked his mom to pack egg roll everyday just because his crush(his besfriend twin sister) love them?
and how sweet it is when he decided to help keeping GMN secret..he got the brain also..Pharmacist wife anyone?

the four MAIN character?
i freakin Love them..

the ever oh so cold but a big softie at heart,Hwang Tae Kyung
the naive, innocent and pure to the whole world but always causing accidents,Go Mi Nam
the prince who always rescue his princess but suffer one sided love,Kang Shin Woo
the most confused and cutest creature in this universe,Jeremy

My FAV character?

though he's not the main character and put aside my bias for FT ISLAND..
JEREMY is definitely my fav character..


1) How can someone dislike someone as adorable as Jeremy?
2)he had the most cutest expression with the o_O everytime GMN are around..
3)he's so confused with his surrounding and end up making his own conlusion of what happening..and he had some wild imigination..LOL..
4) he's so kind hearted and pure that he's willing to befriend and cheering up GMN who he think purposely wanting to seduce and take away his hyung from him..
5) who name his dog ANGELINA JOLIE and went crying to the dog when he's sad?
6)Jeremy is genuinely honest with his feeling..confessing that he like GMN though he think GMN is a guy and wanting to like him even for one hour before evertyhing turn back to normal?(it's a gay gay world people..)
7)he's still insanely cute as button even with a bad haircut that won't look good on anybody and should be banned..
8)he's so dorky,happy go lucky and his smile brigthens the world..
9)he's a Korean-British who father is a photographer,mom is a model, grandson of scottish aristocrat and once engaged to a princess..fairytale much?

i can go on and on with this^^


oh boy..he's a true prince who always by GMN side secretly caring and protecting her though she never realized it..
he obviously like her but too afraid to confess as he thought that he will make she uncomfortable and things will get worse..
and the poor boy though absurdly good looking with a manly vibe(yay..it's rare in k-world..you always find pretty boys who are prettier than you) has terrible interaction with the lady luck..how unlucky can he get?
everytime he wanted to confess to GMN that he know her camouflage as a boy and she is indeed a girl, things will get in his way..i call this 'NOT DESTINED to be together"
seriously, he's a reincranation of Jihoo sunbae but more sucsessful in potraying emotions and more agressive..but the basic guide and elements to be the Jihoo sunbae kind of guy is there and fulfilled with this young man by the real name, Jung Yonghwa..
he's a first timer actor and though a bit stiff, excel in potraying Kang Shin Woo, the prince..


she's so innocent, naive and guillable..
she's a sister in training who dream is to go to Rome and serve her God..
she stayed in the church ground her whole life..
and all of sudden, he need to stand in for his brother and be Go Mi Nam..a man..
Social Skills-zero..
who still talk to people with the ancient korean slang with honorifics?easy..it's Go Minam!
She's an accident magnet, causing trouble unintentionally wherever she go..
despite all this, it is HARD not to like her

because she's so adorable and naive to the world..but she's not scared to move on and try things that she never use or know..she's so optimistic and forgiving..
and she can easily found the secret path to your heart and giving it warmth..
she's so helpless but you don't felt annoying when someone is there to help her..(which i find rare in k-drama)
she always believe in you and always stick to the one she care though how horrible you treat her..


He is the definition of a man who looks cold but he's actually not like that..
he may look arrogant, intimidating, impossible to be close with and equipped with various OCD which make him a weirdo and scary..
but that only the exterior outer appearance of him..
he just like a child wanting people to trust and care for him..he do what his heart wanted though it mismatched with his cold image..
he confess to the world that GMN is a public nuisance and he must avoid her at all cost but each time, he was the one taking all the trouble to protect her..(he even willing to date the fake fairy for GMN)
he's so sweet but you need to explore and be adventurous to find that side of him..
he scowl to show his disagreement but he smile brightly when he's happy..
he was an abandoned child who craved for his mother love(selfish mom..)
he was the one who hate rabbit cause he think it cute but dangerous but he's willing to be hurt for that 'rabbit'(translated as GMN)
and he's the one who think though moon was not useful at night,all he could see at night is the moon(noted that he had night blindness)
and i just LOVE Tae Kyung for all this reason..

You're Beautiful had totally won my heart..i smile, laugh and even cry with it..